about the artist

Chantelle Chapman
designer. illustrator. artist.
Atlanta, Georgia


As the daughter of a painter, there hasn't been a moment in my life in which art hasn't been vital. Growing up, I watched my mother take on any art job she could get her hands on in order to provide for our family---from murals, to portraits, to furniture. At a time when there was no one else to help us, art was a means of survival. But it was also an inspiration, a source of hope and wonder: by the time I began picking up brushes of my own, art had become an anchor in stormy seas---a lifeboat in those moments when the ship capsized entirely. 
Art has woven through my life like a bright strand of silk, twining together broken threads and weaving them into something so much richer than the sum of its parts. 
There has never seemed to be any greater possible magic to me than to pick up a brush or a pencil and create a world on a piece of paper---to be able to share that sliver of your imagination with other people. In my art, my greatest goal is to recreate that sense of wonderment I felt as a little child, when I pored over the beautifully-illustrated pages of my favorite picture books, or the drawings in my mother's portfolio. I'm not sure if I'm quite there yet---but I believe that art is more a journey than a destination, anyway.  
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